When Is It Time to Speak to a Financial Consultant?

Knowing when to talk to a financial consultant can be as tricky as knowing which investments are right for you. To help you decide whether it’s time you speak with the Investment Services Team at Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union, we’ve created this survey. By completing this survey, you will have a better idea of what your investment time frame is, as well as a head start on questions your financial consultant will ask to put you in the right investments.

  1. Do you have six months living expenses in reserve?
    • Yes

    • No

  2. Are you fully participating in your employer-sponsored retirement plan if one is available to you?
    • Yes

    • No

  3. Are you withdrawing from your investments to cover living expenses?
    • Yes

    • No

  4. When do you expect to use most or all of this money?
    • One to Six Years

    • Six to Ten Years

    • Ten to Twenty Years

    • Never

  5. Which of the following statements best describe how you expect to access your investments?
    • I have access to all of my money at any time

    • I am able to access the interest earnings

    • I may occasionally need to access my principal

    • I will only need access to my money in an emergency

    • I shouldn’t ever need access to this money

  6. Which of the following is most important to you?
    • NCUA Insurance

    • Stability of the principal balance

    • Generating a monthly income

    • Growth potential of my investments

    • Transferability of my investments to my beneficiaries

Total Score:

If your score falls between 10 and 70 points, it may be time for you to speak to the Investment Services Team.

To find out more and schedule a no-obligation consultation contact us at (206) 398-5707 or by email at invest@smcu.com with your questions.

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