What is Homegrown?

Thank you for your interest in “Homegrown” presented by Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union. Unfortunately the album is no longer avaible for download.

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Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is proud to present “Homegrown” – a compilation album of the very best road-trip music from all over the great state of Washington. As a cooperative, we are guided by 7 Cooperative Principles. Principle #7 states that it is a priority to give back to the community where we do business.  With this album we hope to give some much-deserved recognition to the incredibly talented musicians throughout Washington, our home. The track list on the Homegrown album is as eclectic as the Northwest music scene it represents, and we believe that there are songs and artists on it for everyone. So whether you’re on a scenic drive through Chuckanut or heading over to The Gorge for a day of music and sunshine, we hope you’ll enjoy this summer soundtrack.

Information about all 16 Washington-based artists is provided below, along with links to each band’s official website – where you can find details about their local shows, learn about their upcoming projects, and pick up more of their music.

Featuring Homegown Bands:

Hey Marseilles


Bio: For all the room-filling beauty of the symphonic climaxes on their first full-length album, there’s just as much power – and passion – in the record’s simplest, sparsest moments. What makes To Travels & Trunks so incredibly intoxicating, however, is something less definitive than notes and measures: A youthful earnestness, a genuine, unsullied passion for song, shines through every last second of Hey Marseilles’ music. It's modern vintage, a folk-pop jam session at a vanished cabaret on the Seine, an indie rocker's fantasy of his grandparents' first kiss.


The Moondoggies

“What Took So Long”

Bio: The Moondoggies are a four-piece band from Seattle that plays timeless American music. Warm three-part harmonies, gothic Rhodes organ, and wanderlust guitar mark a sound rooted in boogie blues and cosmic country; whip-smart songwriting leads to hook-heavy tunes that bristle with originality. Led by singer/guitarist Kevin Murphy, the Moondoggies are intent on artistic balance. They're a serious band with a silly name. They play music that speaks of travel but is strongly connected to its place of origin. They're young musicians continuing a legacy that goes back generations.


Ravenna Woods

“Simple Fates”

Bio: With an excess of frenetic energy and penchant for stripped down, unconventional dark indie rock, Ravenna Woods has quickly become a favorite among Seattle concert-goers and music critics alike. Their 2010 full length ‘Demons and Lakes,’ and subsequent follow up EP ‘Valley of the Headless Men’ have earned them top KEXP album status 2 years running, and a home at national booking agency -Red Ryder.


Carson Henley


Bio: Carson Henley is a Seattle singer-songwriter whose raw style is influenced by rock and soul music from the 60s; in fact, he’s been described as a “refined Joe Cocker” and even “Funkadelic Rock.” Born into a musical family, Carson was trained from a young age to appreciate “timeless” music. His mother (a professional singer/front woman) and his record-collecting father were not comfortable with their children listening to the lyrical content on the airways during the 80s and 90s, so Carson and his sisters grew up listening to the classics, being “educated” by the likes of Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and James Taylor (from their mother) and The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Earth Wind and Fire (from their father).


Fox and The Law

“Feel So Blue”

Bio: A quartet comprised of four young veteran musicians, Fox and The Law exemplify the spirit of the Seattle sound. Established in early 2010, the band has developed a grimy, attitude-heavy sound that embodies the mood of the dirty clubs and dives that dominate the Northwest’s coveted music scene.


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Late Night Transit

“Relax (Everything In Between)”

Bio: Late Night Transit is brought together by their desire to create music that rewards a listener with lyrics that beg to be heard and melody that holds attention and memory for years to come. With tasteful hints of jazz, singer/songwriter and pop-rock, this Seattle band has found a way to woo audiences all over the Pacific Northwest. Their live show leaves you begging for more while their recordings make you appreciate the way they give each song the respect it deserves. On April 28th 2012, LNT released their first full-length album Everything in Between to a packed audience at Seattle’s Columbia City Theater.


Go Periscope


Bio: Go Periscope is an Indie-Electronica band from Seattle, Washington. Combining alternative vocals, analog synthesizers, soaring 80s guitar and mashing everything together with aggressive dance beats - they create fresh, hook-heavy music. Borrowing from their diverse introductions to music, Go Periscope has a style that pays homage to new wave artists like Soft Cell and Eurythmics, while showing heavy influences from acts as eclectic as modern rockers, Jimmy Eat World to legendary house producers, Daft Punk. As performers, producers and writers their music blurs the borders.



“Remember Your Name”

Bio: In an era saturated with formulaic songs and gimmicks, Doxology prefers to let the music speak for itself. Doxology, formed by brothers Luke (vox) and Gabriel McPherson (keys), Daniel Torres (drums), Michael Hemming (guitar), and Derek Brown (bass), came together with the purpose of creating distinct and meaningful music. The result is an uncompromising and energetic blend of Top 40 Pop hooks, classic rock orchestration, rootsy beats and soulfully aggressive vocals.


Camille Bloom

“Running Out of Time”

Bio: Camille Bloom is an American singer-songwriter and composer who has spent the last seven years on the road. She has toured 9 countries, released 4 full-length albums and various EPs, and had music licensed for use in both television and film. Camille’s high-energy and intensely personal show has garnered her notable reviews. Her most recent album, “Never Out of Time” was picked #2 in the Top Ten Indie Releases of 2011 by The Los Angeles Examiner.


Blvd Park

“Ain't Gonna Be Easy”

Bio: Upbeat and fun loving, down-home rootsy folk blues acoustic six-piece Blvd Park regard one another as family. The group moved from Sacramento, CA to Seattle, WA together and are now cohabitating a large rental house on the south end. Multiple songwriters, lots of gravelly and lush vocals and harmonies, with the musical tag-team of trumpet, accordion, mandolin and banjo; Blvd Park has fun while they perform. And so, we believe, will you.


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Oh Osiris

“A Summer At Sea”

Bio: Oh Osiris is an instrumental, electronic blend of field recordings and synth-pop from the Pacific Northwest. For years, composer Seth Bolin has drawn influence for his music through the organic sounds of Seattle and nearby shorelines, as well as the visual styles and scripts of 1960’s new-wave films. His new album is scheduled for release in summer of 2012.


20 Riverside

“Better Days”

Bio: 20 Riverside of Everett, Washington blends the classic rock and brassy horns of Chicago, the funky grooves of Tower of Power, and the hip-hop rhythms and socially conscious lyrics of the Roots. They love kittens and want you to eat all your vegetables.


Brian Ledford and the Cadillac Desert

“The Jewel Fades”

Bio: Brian Ledford can’t bring himself to do the safe thing. Not content to do straight revival Americana/Alt-country, the Seattle based singer-songwriter draws from his own musical roots and the things closest to his heart and transforms them into something that’s quite rare these days - great, original songs. Music that’s as much informed by The Clash as The Flatlanders. At turns as lush as Lanois, as direct as Cash, but always bearing Ledford’s unique strains of introspection and melody.


Autumn Electric

“Make Me a Tree”

Bio: Autumn Electric is a Seattle band and part of the new Progressive Americana movement. They are putting out their 3rd album, “Make Me a Tree,” this June, a special album, dealing with family and overcoming the loss of a loved one. Built on this motivation, the group has dedicated themselves to share profits from the new album to help fund both The Healing Center in Seattle and Grief Place in Wenatchee, WA. Both are non-profit, community, loss recovery centers.



“Ain't So Bad”

Bio: BRITE LINES is a new indie folk band from Seattle. Their music combines poetic lyrics with lush instrumentation from a range of instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, string bass, violin, banjo, musical saw, and percussion included. They are simply proud to be a part of the thriving, unique, creative music community that this city has bred.


Ali Marcus


Bio: Ali’s musical style is diverse, from straight-up 60s folk, to contemporary singer-songwriter, and the burgeoning Americana movement that radiates out from the Pacific Northwest like moonlight on a foggy night. Her smart, melodic songs have been featured on NPR, XM, in the New York Times and at venues all around America, with a box full of harmonicas that bring a dose of bluesy country to the act. Ali has had the great pleasure of sharing bills with internationally renowned artists, such as Tom Paxton, Dar Williams, Jolie Holland, Catie Curtis, Danny Barnes, Ruthie Foster, Chatham County Line, and many other wonderful artists. She is releasing a new album, “Americana Hotel,” in June 2012, featuring songs across America, from Virginia to Nashville, and Alcatraz to 1930’s Harlem.


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